A&E Hospitals

Durham – University Hospital of North Durham, North Road DH1 5TW

Darlington – Darlington Memorial Hospital, Hollyhurst Road DL3 6HX

Bishop Auckland Hospital DL14 6AD (not A&E  only referred from 111)


Stanhope – Weardale Practice, Dales Street DL13 2XD 01388 528555
Crook – North House Surgery, Hope Street DL15 9HU 01388 762945

Stanhope – Weardale Health Practice, Dales Street DL13 2XD 01388 528555
Crook – Northern Smiles, 1 Mill Street DL15 9BE (private practice)


Crook – Walker’s Opticians, 21 Hope Street DL15 9HS
Bishop Auckland – several


Stanhope – Chemist, 79 Front Street DL13 2TZ
Wolsingham – Pharmacy, 12 Market Place DL13 3AE
Crook – Pharmacy, 50 Hope Street DL15 9HU


The advice is first to ring 999 and the police will advise where the nearest defibrillator unit is
located. There are defibrillators at:

Wolsingham – Bradley Burn Cafe DL13 3JH
Wolsingham – The Barn, Showground DL13 3JG
Wolsingham – Robson’s Caravan Park DL13 3HU
Wolsingham – Town Hall DL13 3AF
Wolsingham – School, Leazes Lane DL13 3DJ
Wolsingham – Kingfisher Leisure Park DL13 2SJ
Frosterley – Frosterley Inn DL13 2RH
Frosterley – Village Hall DL13 2QW
Hill End near Bollihope – 11 Hill End DL13 2SX
Stanhope – Heather View Caravan Park DL13 2PS
Stanhope – Chemist Shop DL13 2TZ
Stanhope – Unthank Stepping Stones, B6278 DL13 2PQ
Stanhope – Grey Bull pub DL13 2FB
Stanhope – Railway Station DL13 2YS
Eastgate – Cross Keys pub DL13 2HW
Westgate – Village Hall DL13 1RX
Westgate – Britton Hall Camp Site DL13 1LN
Daddry Shield – Village Institute DL13 1NW
St John’s Chapel – Doctor’s Surgery, Hood Street DL13 1QW
Ireshopeburn – Village Institute DL13 1ER
Wearhead – Village Hall DL13 1DY
Crook – Crook Golf Club, Low Jobs Hill DL15 9AA
Crook – Masonic Lodge, Church Street DL15 9BG
Fir Tree – Fir Tree County Hotel (off A68) DL15 8DD
Fir Tree – Duke of York pub on A68 DL15 8DG
Witton-le-Wear – in red telephone box DL14 0AS
Witton-le-Wear – St James Gardens DL14 0BG

Petrol Stations

Stanhope – Weardale Motor Services, 38 East End DL13 2YQ
Wolsingham – Spar, Durham Road DL13 3JB
Helmington Row, near Crook – Esso, West Road DL15 0RW
Tow Law – Gulf, Bridge Street DL13 4LD
Fir Tree – Whitton Road DL15 8EA


Stanhope – Coronation Avenue DL13 2YA 4 x type 2 (7kW)
Stanhope – Train Station DL13 2YS 2 x type 2 (7kW)
Stanhope – Weardale Hub DL13 2UB 4 x type 2 (22kW)
Stanhope – Durham Dales Centre DL13 2FJ 4 x type 2 (22kW)
Stanhope – Crosshill Cemetery Car Park DL13 2NF 2 x type 2 (22kW)
Stanhope – opposite Grey Bull, layby DL13 2PB 1 x type 2 (7kW)
Wolsingham – Deneside, Lodge Park DL13 3BD 4 x type 2 (22kW)


Stanhope ATM outside Lakes & Co-op 33-35 Front Street DL13 2TS
Wolsingham ATM only on main square plus one at Spar
Frosterley ATM Lakes & Dales Co-op, 21 Front Street DL13 2QW
Tow Law ATM Co-op, 47A High Street DL13 4DH (only when shop is open)
Crook TSB Bank, 9 North Terrace DL15 9ES


Rookhope – Front Street
Wolsingham – just off Market Place on Angate Street
Stanhope – Durham Dales Centre DL13 2FJ
Daddry Shield – signed on the main road DL13 1ND
St John’s Chapel – by the war memorial and on Hood Street
Wearhead – DL13 1BP

Bus Services

Weardale Travel offer services up and down the dale (101 and 101a) and the service to Crook

Timetables and routes : Weardale Bus Services

Food Shops

Stanhope – Lakes & Dales Co-op 33-35 Front Street DL13 2TS
Frosterley – Lakes & Dales Co-op, 21 Front Street DL13 2QW
St John’s Chapel – Lakes & Dales Co-op, 3 Market Place DL13 1QF
Wolsingham – Spar, Mill Garage, Durham Road DL13 3JB
Wolsingham – Lifestyle Express, 4 Market Place DL13 3AF
Crook – Lidl, New Road DL15 8ND
Crook – Aldi, Queen Street DL15 8QQ
Tow Law – Co-op, 47A High Street DL13 4DH

Large supermarkets at St Helen’s Auckland


Stanhope – Castle Bank Butchers, Front Street
Wolsingham – J Keenan, Market Place
Tow Law – Castle Bank Butchers and JC Dobson


Stanhope – Old Weardale Bakery & Tearooms, 37 Front Street DL13 2TS
Wolsingham – Peggotty’s, 1 Angate Street DL13 3AR
Tow Law – Page’s Bakery, 57 High Street DL13 4DP
Crook – Greggs, U3/4 The Royal Corner DL15 9UA
Crook – Cooplands, 82 Hope Street DL15 9HT(Tindale Crescent) and Consett

Post Offices

Frosterley – in Lakes & Dales Co-op, 21 Front Street DL13 2QW
Stanhope – in the Paper Shop, 57 Front Street DL13 2TS
Crook – 1-3 East Bridge Street DL15 8BJ
Blanchland – Blanchland Shop & Post Office, The Square DH8 9SR
Tow Law – 81A High Street DL13 4DP
Wolsingham – a mobile van visits the village weekly


Stanhope – Old Stone Vets, Unit B1 Durham Dales Centre DL13 2FJ
Crook – Weardale Veterinary Clinic, 34 Commercial Street DL15 9HR

Other vets in Bishop Auckland, Consett etc